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We are making it easier for businesses to report non-tariff barriers that are restricting their export trade, and find help to overcome them.

You can raise concerns with your industry association, as well as directly with government departments and agencies. You can also lodge your concerns here and we’ll connect you with the right support. We’ll get back to you with an initial response within two working days.

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To help us assist you the information you provide will be shared across government agencies for the purpose of helping you to achieve your export aims

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The World Customs Organization's Harmonized System (HS) uses code numbers to define products. A code with a low number of digits defines broad categories of products; additional digits indicate sub-divisions into more detailed definitions. HS codes are common to six digits between countries; each can add more digits for its own coding to subdivide the definitions further. Products defined at the most detailed level applied by a particular country (whether six or more digits) are "tariff lines".
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Thank you for registering your trade barrier. It has been submitted and the Non-Tariff Barriers Coordination team will be in touch via email within two working days. The Non-Tariff Barriers Coordination team can be contacted on either email or by phone 02 6178 4300. We’ll be in touch shortly.

Your trade barrier has not been lodged. Please complete all mandatory field and resubmit. If you require further assistance please get in touch with the Non-Tariff Barriers Coordination team or call 02 6178 4300